Thief | Rogue | Hero? | And is that a tail???

Meet Gordan of Riss, one of the most unusual characters in modern fantasy.



Ryan Drake was brought up on a diet of classic 80s and 90s fantasy, and while he enjoyed all the usual suspects (Raymond E Feist, Terry Brooks, Stephen Donaldson and the like), he always had a soft spot for the comedians of the era.

You know the ones. Terry Pratchett, Piers Anthony, Robert Asprin, and Alan Dean Foster to name but a few. The type of writer who could put together a light, entertaining story that would make you laugh out loud no matter what was happening in the real world.

Despite this, Ryan first found success as a literary writer, winning and placing in numerous national and international short story competitions. Unfortunately, he soon realized that while winning awards was good, he couldn’t eat the certificates or the publication credentials. And in general, the literary world scoffed at the concept of financial compensation. Because writers are meant to suffer, right?

So he sold his soul to the corporate world and wrote media releases, web copy, technical documents, advertorials, training manuals and more. And he taught hundreds of students both the art of fiction and the craft of writing for business.

It paid the bills, but it didn’t make him happy.

So now he writes the same sort of comedic fantasy stories that he loved growing up. And he’s willing to bet that if you’re a fan of Pratchett, Asprin and those other guys, you’ll get a kick out of his stories, too.


Gordan of Riss and the Malformed Sprite

The First Madcap Fantasy Adventure

A drunken Pixie.
A vengeful part-orc Seer.
A power-hungry Sorcerer and his army of Orcs.
And they all want Gordan dead.

Gordan of Riss is a troublemaker and thief, but what makes him unique is his tail. He’s spent much of his life trying to find out why he has one, chasing down possible answers and causing chaos wherever he goes.

But when this sets him against a Sorcerer he’s never met, Gordan learns that even the most innocent quest can turn dangerous. Deadly, even.

Facing increasing threats to himself and those around him, Gordan will have to choose between his troublemaking ways and becoming an actual hero. And when the Sorcerer’s plans are finally revealed, he must use all his abilities just to survive – including a couple he didn’t know he had.

Will it be enough?

And will he learn what he most wants to know?

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Gordan of Riss and the Kobold Prince

kobold-prince-smallThe Prequel to Gordan of Riss and the Malformed Sprite: An Origin Story

When Gordan of Riss was barely an adult, he only wanted things to stay as they were; living and working with a troupe of traveling players, plying his trade as a thief and unconcerned by the troubles plaguing the town.

But when the troupe leader announces a deal with the Prince, everything changes.

Caught between betraying his friends or leaving everything he knows behind, Gordan’s life grows even more complex when he learns who and what is behind the town’s troubles – and what it might mean not just for the troupe, but for all the townsfolk, up to and including the Prince.

Will Gordan be able to save them all? And if he does, what will it mean for him?

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